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Magnum PC and After School Style

February 1, 2009

That’s PC as in Photo Contest. Burn Magazine is sponsoring a competition for emerging photographers. The magazine and the contest is curated by Magnum’s David Alan Harvey. He’s the brains and the money behind an innovative way for photographers to participate in the $10,000 run-off. First, there is NO entry fee. If you are a finalist, you will be asked to present your portfolio/project in book form.  You must produce, at your own expense, a Blurb-style photo book to send the judges. The theory is that a stack of books will be easier to review than a stack of pictures, slides or image files. After the final decision has been made, everyone gets their book back. Think about how many photo contests are out there where the prize is getting a few pictures published in a newspaper or magazine. This competition stimulates the best participants to put their work into book form.  Whether you are a finalist or a winner, you end up with a great promotional tool, a book of your pictures.


Above from David Alan Harvey’s Living Proof

Moira Lovell’s After School Club has been sitting on Conscientious for several days with dead links. Here’s another coruscating picture from her curious series, which also happens to be a photo competition entry. The link should work, too.

Moira Lovell and School Girl Post-Graduates

Moira Lovell and School Girl Post-Graduates

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