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Joerg Colberg Sees Smart

February 20, 2009
Marc Baruth, Staged Landscape, 2005

Marc Baruth, Staged Landscape, 2005

Conscientious, Joerg Colberg’s blog about mostly art, provides my daily dose of consummate perspicacity. This week he has blogged about Marc Baruth, has interviewed Mikhael Subotzky, and has posted the winning birthday tribute to Charles Darwin. I’m sorry I didn’t mention a half dozen of his most recent photographic discoveries. Regardless, in an effort to lure Joerg away from the internet, and to see if he can function in a non-virtual world, I’ve invited him to speak at Holyoke Community College in April. More news of his talk will be forthcoming.

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  1. Joanna Brown permalink
    February 23, 2009 1:59 pm

    Thank you for posting this announcement about him speaking at HCC.

    Joanna Brown
    Director of Alumni Relations, HCC

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