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Sleepers Awake!

February 21, 2009

deepsleepThe freshly minted DEEPSLEEP Magazine from the United Kingdom is immensely promising. It is a group effort by “photographers who take their work seriously, but not themselves.” Submissions are invited by theme. The theme of the next issue is Alien (deadline May 1st). The first issue theme is “Invisible” and after perusing the nine essays within, including the work of Vanessa Winship, the themes are very loosely interpreted. Here’s a picture from Wang Wei’s Standard Room about hotel workers in China.


DEEPSLEEP, Lunatic, Social Documentary, Burn, SeeSaw, plus a few thousand more online portfolio and magazine sites are reinventing photography for photographers. As usual, nobody gets paid. Thanks to Colin Pantall’s blog for pointing me toward DEEPSLEEP. He also suggested the Joel Meyerowitz interview over at too much chocolate.

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