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Awards and Punishments

February 28, 2009

I spent a couple of hours this morning cruising through the the photo blog universe. Several photographers are winning awards and being celebrated. Some are getting punished for being bad. For instance:


According to PDN, Taylor got charged with citation #1050.9. That turns out to be the MTA rule that allows him to photograph in a subway station. Go figure.

Also on PDN is the document that outlines Annie Leibovitz’s future servitude.

High-lighting by PDN

High-lighting by PDN

Over at the Magnum blog there’s lots of opportunities to enter competitions and win big. My choice is the application to join Magnum. Yes, once a year you can send them pictures to see if you can make the grade. There’s not even an entry fee. I’ve noticed that any grant, award or honor that is really worth something usually doesn’t have an entry fee. I came across a program in San Francisco (I won’t give you the link) that had about a $500 entry fee just to have the honor of having your work looked at. One of the several prizes was a year of on-line representation from Photo-Eye. I have that. It costs $200. It is also a great gallery that, in my case, has been paying for itself, so save $300 and apply to them directly for acceptance.

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