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The Shadows in Between

May 28, 2009

Traveling without a laptop has its difficulties. Damn, can you believe that I’m on a computer that types Arabic letters in Farsi (at an internet cafe), in a region that speaks Pamiri (which is not a written language), in a country that speaks Tajik (which is in cyrilic script), with a translator that speaks Russian(my wife- no complaints).  I’m meeting people who speak five languages fluently (including German, Russian, English, and who have never been out of the village of Khorog, even to visit the capital city of Dushanbe)…

AND I’m saying that traveling without my laptop is a pain in the ass because I had to lighten up to fly on Aga Khan’s helicopter (which was a most magnificent trip through 20,000 foot peaks, as if I was in an episode of  Planet Earth).

Americans are jerks (self included), and yet, people like Americans because our president is a Moslem.  So I’m not complaining. I think I’ll make it without the ability to upload pictures for a few more days. I have got a few good ones that I want to share.

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