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September 13, 2009

By Duane MichalsThe Düsseldorfer Avant-Garde Foto Kunst Akademie of Derriere Garde Photography. Thomas Ruff and or Rineke Dijkstra and or Wolfgang Tillmans, 2001
© Duane Michals

Tattle-Tales from the Land of Fauxtography:

#3 Never trust a photograph so large that it can only fit inside a museum.
#4 Color is the new black and white.
#6 The announced demise of the decisive moment is premature.
#9 Photographers whose next three books will look like their last three books should quit.
#16 Museums should never exhibit photographs of visitors looking at art in museums to visitors who are looking at art in museums.
#21 An eight-by-ten inch photograph by Robert Frank can be heroic. An eight-by-ten foot Gursky is just a billboard with pretensions.
#27 Fashion photography is often artful but seldom an art.

Text and pictures courtesy of 1000 Words Photography

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