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The Shape of Things that Are

September 26, 2009
Soccer Field, Gobi, 2008, Frank Ward

Soccer Field, Gobi, 2008, Frank Ward

As a continuation of yesterdays post about the HCC Photo Club Photo Show, here is another example of forms in space. This picture is part of my featured exhibit for the month of September on the Turkish web magazine Fotoritim. The mag has a lot of interesting portfolios so don’t think you have to go there just to see my work.

Before I get to the HCC Photo Club info, I want to direct you to an article for developing photographers. I’m trying to get my students to look at art forms other than photography for inspiration. John Sevigny sent me an email this morning with an article he wrote about looking at painting.


John’s article clearly expounds on what I was thinking about. Read it all here. Check out John’s Gone City blog here. Look at a John Sevigny picture below:

Trio (detail), 2009, by John Sevigny

Trio (detail), 2009, by John Sevigny

The HCC Photo Club Rub

I spent awhile last night trying to consolidate the 3 HCC Photo Club Googlegroups. I wasn’t particularly successful so I switched over to Facebook. If you want to participate in our “The Shape of Things that Are” photo show/contest, here are the guidelines:

The HCC Photo Club On-Line Competition/Group Show

Logistics for Entering:

All HCC photo students, as well as Photo Club members, are invited to participate.

All HCC Photo Club alumni are also invited.

Submit pictures to the HCC Photo Club on Facebook (you probably have to be a Facebook member to do it.

If the upload doesn’t work for other reasons, send jpegs to

We want JPEG submissions only, with a file size of around 300K. 1024 pixels on the longest side will project the best.

If you don’t have digital, you can submit a scan from print or film.

Up to 3 submissions per person. You don’t have to submit all files at once.

Place your name in the image or canvas area if you want to be acknowledged in the slideshow. Otherwise, your name will be listed separately.

Deadline for submissions is October 24th, 2009.

Winners published on The Coruscating Camera will be composed of 10% of all the people who sent in pictures. 100 applicants will result in 10 pictures represented on-line.

Editorial privileges apply. The Trustees of Holyoke Community College are prohibited from entering the contest, but they can join the MAC Open House Show.

At least one picture from every contributor will be shown in the presentation at the Holyoke Community College Media Arts Center Open House

on October 28th, Wed. 4:30-6:30.

Here’s the theme:

Geometry, but not necessarily abstraction.

Shapes of buildings and objects, but not particularly about what they literally are,

Pictures about forms in space– floating, sitting, being thrown, held, dropped or just stuck in the ground.

Beautiful pictures about circles, squares, rectangles, ovals, rhombi, trapezoids, triangles, etc.

Please peruse my last few blog posts for more pictures and comments about the theme.

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