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And the Winners Are…

October 30, 2009

Grand Prize Winner- 4 Boxes by Jeffery Byrnes

This is the Grand Prize Winner– 4 Boxes by Jeffery Byrnes

HCC alumni Jeffery Byrnes’s multi-frame picture captures my attention because it bridges the divide between traditional photography (in his case a plastic lens film camera) and the digital world (the combining of frames in Photoshop) without overly manipulating the finished picture. UPDATE: I misread this image. It is a total film capture as is. Wonderful work Jeff.

Jeff’s business partner, and also an HCC alumni, Tim Lastoowski takes the First Place Prize in Black and White for his purist, modernist rendering of form and function below:

Tim for HCC 2

Photo by Tim Lastowski

Tim Lastowski and Jeffery Byrnes are co-owners of True Resolution.

The winner of First Place in Color Photography is Mary Anne O’Connor for her true graphic dynamism in Windows and Reflections.


by Mary Anne O'Connor

I don’t know what’s going on in Mary Anne’s picture, but I like what I see.

The Special Jury Prize goes to John Balthunis for his magical, clear-eyed capture of objects in the world.

John Balthunis

By John Balthunis

The HCC Photo Club wishes to thank the hundreds of past, present and future members who entered, or at least thought about entering, our Photo Club Contest. Every picture, if not every entrant, deserves recognition. I would also like to thank Robert Aller and Chris Lizon for their contribution toward determining the results of the competition.

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