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Positive Intentions

November 15, 2009

Pre-Marital Bliss by Tim Veling

I keep telling my students to photograph their life. New Zealand photographer Tim Veling has been doing just that with mostly wonderful results. Thanks once again to Jorge Colberg for posting the link.

I guess I’m a bad example to my students because I’m always running off to Asia for my pictures. This past week I went to Florida for a few days and photographed my Mother, 87, and my Father, who will be 91 next month. It’s not exactly close-to-home picture making, but it’s my parent’s home.


Ma and Dad, Jupiter, Florida, 11/2009, Photos by Frank Ward


Dad at Home, Jupiter, 11/2009


Self as Driver, 11/2009, Florida


Juno Beach #1, Florida, 11/2009


Juno Beach #2, Florida, 11/2009

We took a ride to the beach. During the few minutes we were there the ocean gave me two looks. When the sky is cloudy Florida’s light is fantastic.

Since I’m doing an all-about-me post, I have one more link to add. Antero de Alda, the excellent Portuguese photographer and on-line publisher, is featuring me on his site this week. Check it out for Dark Is the Night, the old blues song that he chose to accompany my pictures.


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  1. Kristen Miller permalink
    November 16, 2009 12:27 pm

    It is refreshing to see some pictures that resemble every day life. Most people don’t see the beauty in it..but I agree that often times its the little things that are overlooked, as you often mention. The pictures of your parents reminds me of the Jessica Todd Harper images that I showed in class. Like hers, these images indicate that the moments in “real life” are fascinating enough to capture and that perhaps we need to slow down in order to appreciate them. Thanks for this personal view. It is much appreciated.

    Also, it is interesting that the Florida sky looks better when its would normally assume the opposite.

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