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Kevin Bubriski and the 400

December 13, 2009

December 10, 2009, Bennington, Vermont, USA

Kevin Bubriski has been following the most recent Afghanistan deployment of 400 National Guard members in Vermont. His clear-eyed camera is bearing witness to the sacrifice and bravery of extraordinary people plucked from their ordinary circumstances.

Photographs by Kevin Bubriski, 12-10-09

Kevin has consistently been an impassioned observer of how international lunacy can reach out and grab everyday people by their throats and hearts. He published Pilgrimage, Looking at Ground Zero in 2002 and has his 2008 American Veterans portfolio on SocialDocumentary.Net. Go to SDN to see more of his pictures of the 400 from Vermont.

Photography by Kevin Bubriski, 12-10-2009

Kevin’s pictures are more about the people than the policy. I’m critical of Obama’s unsound effort to clean up Bush’s Afghan mess. The war in Afghanistan was lost when Bush cut back on his search for Osama Bin Laden to pursue fabricated aggressors in Iraq. The war in Afghanistan was at one time a so-called “just war.” The US gave up its “moral high-ground” when it cut back in Afghanistan to declare war on Iraq. How many lives and dollars will America continue to expend trying to recover from 8 years of Bush policy disasters?

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