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Siberian Swan Song

May 31, 2010

A View from the Bridge

I believe this will be my last post on WordPress for a couple of weeks. Please check and subscribe to Asia Central over at Blogspot to read about what happens when we get to Uzbekistan.

Back to Siberia. I have to give nods to Bob Aller on this series of pictures. As I was taking them, I was thinking it was so “Bob” of me. Of course, I managed to mess with them. I shot them all at 3200 EI with my D700. They may make noisy 20X24 prints at that exposure index.

More from the new Irkutsk Bridge over the Angara River.

White Truck on the Shore.

Now, back to the “Frank” view of Siberia. Some may recall the winter scenes I did in this spot in January 2008. It wasn’t much warmer in May 2010.

Wall on the Waterfront

Russian Orthodox on the Angara

I love Siberia. Every morning brings a totally new day. It could be snow, wind, sleet or rain. Hey, that sounds like New England!

The Siberian Guards of the Eternal Flame

What’s not to like about the young folks who are in charge of protecting the Irkutsk monument to WWII? Below is a picture of the rabid types who invade the Irkutsk memorial.

Graduation Day, AKA, The Last Bell.

The other major type of Siberian found wandering around the Eternal Flame is the about-to-be-married couple. I’m not ready to show wedding photography here although every bride is beautiful.

I’ll continue this post over at Asia Central.

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