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The Third Toast

June 23, 2010

Photo Class in Aix

At any special gathering of important people the toasting gets around to the recognition of the ladies in the group. In the above picture almost all 10 of my female students are represented. From left to right- Tsion (portrait in previous post), Anna (the first student I met), Mosettee (great body language), Louise (there is a better picture of her below), Julia (the radiant one from the last post), Bridget (she’s awesome as the fulcrum of the picture with our single male Michael floating above her in shadow), Virginia (more great body language) and Tanya (She’s fabulous and also asks great questions).  Amber is hidden behind Virginia and Tracy is off taking a picture.

A half second before the top photo

Above, Amber has stepped between Virginia and Tanya on the right. But I lost Louise behind Mosettee.  Tracy is still a no show. Michael remains in the top shadow.

The Photo Group from the stairs.

I joined Michael on the steps and managed to find Louise with other students on each side of her. That’s also a better picture of Amber on the left. Tracy is reclining with her camera in the background. Our two lead photographers from the previous group portraits, Mosettee and Virginia are now off making pictures. Below, I photographed Michael on the stairs.

Michael, our class representative of the male gender.

Look at what Tracy created during our first class (below).

Michael photographed by Tracy Konig after I gave a slide presentation on the Daguerreotype.

Tracy is not the sole talent in Aix, Amber photographed my favorite bread stall in Provence.

Photo by Amber Horvath

I’ll include more student work as we progress. For now I just want to toast the quality and talent of my class. Without them, I would not be here.

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  1. June 28, 2010 10:56 am

    Hi! Frank
    Nice pictures!!
    I just left my s.o.s letter at your Flickr mail.
    Could you check..?
    Thank you.

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