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Exhibitions in Vermont and at the Victory Theater in Holyoke

October 13, 2012

This November, the Vermont Center for Photography is hosting The Drunken Bicycle, Travels in the Former Soviet Union. 

I finished doing the selection and framing of my upcoming one person show in Brattleboro. I printed the pictures at 24X30 or 24X36 inches on fiber and baryta papers. Half the show is from my work in Central Asia this past spring and summer. In all, three quarters of the pictures have never been previously exhibited. I have published some, but only one of the 2012 pictures has appeared in this blog. I’ll blog later with more information about the location and opening (evening of Nov. 2nd) of the exhibition.

A floor to ceiling sculpture by Chris Nelson at the Victory Theater in Holyoke.

To celebrate the labor intensive end to producing my show, I went to the unrenovated Victory Theater in Holyoke, Massachusetts to see the wonderful installations offered by our areas remarkable artists.

A detail of Amy Johnquest’s installation in the Powder Room.

Blue light seems to be a recurring motif in the dimly lit Victory Theater.

Angry Frank (self-portrait) with a detail of Kari Gatzke’s projection/installation.

Detail from Olivia Bernard’s sculpture/installation.

I hope artists don’t get mad about my detail pictures. Plus, I left several artists out because I didn’t get a picture of their work. This is a blog about photography so I hope Chris Willingham, Angela Zammarelli, Joshua Vrysen and Torsten Zenas Burns understand.

Detail of Taiga Ermansons’ installation.

The exhibiting artists were quite sensitive to the beautiful decay inside the Victory. Their work often incorporated the tattered surroundings as if a wand was waved to let something glorious rise from the rubble. The Victory is due for renovation this June. I hope to photograph there with my classes before the reconstruction begins.

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  1. November 16, 2012 5:14 pm

    Love your VC poster – hope to get up there next week to check out the show. Of course, I also have to admire the shot you took of my bathroom sink. (-: You da bomb

  2. November 17, 2012 8:52 am

    Hi Amy, Love your powder room installation. You should do my bathroom in Ashfield. It needs sprucing up, although I’ve got a killer Dean Nimmer painting and a 4 foot tall Ed Branson glasswork in there. I also like Phil Lawrence’s installation at Taber.

    If you are ready for another Frank and Vivian dog and pony show, come to our presentation in Brattleboro on Nov. 30th at 5:30.

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