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2 Magazines, 2 Eggspressos

April 27, 2015
Digital Silver Image Gallery

Glenn Ruga, founder of ZEKE Magazine, speaks with photojournalist Scott Brauer at the Magazine launch party outside Boston.

Thursday April 23rd was the launch for ZEKE: The Magazine of Global Awareness, the new semi-annual digital and print publication from Social Documentary Network. Subscriptions are available HERE.

Digital Silver Imaging Gallery

Social Documentary Network founder and publisher of ZEKE Magazine, Glenn Ruga, speaks  at the Digital Silver Imaging Gallery in Belmont, Massachusetts.

Here I am holding the first issue of ZEKE. It is available in print and digital form.

Frank Ward photo by Lomanno

The Boston portrait photographer Lomanno photographed me with ZEKE and my new old camera.

I’m holding an Olympus Pen E-P2. I just found it at the dump last week. It needed a new battery. I love the dump.

I’m on the advisory board of Social Documentary Network, but I am not in the magazine. I am in the second issue of Holyoke Transfer Magazine.

Depot Hill, Holyoke

Holyoke Transfer 2 is a 169 page magazine of art. I have three 2 page spreads covering recent and older pictures from Holyoke.

Torsten Zenas Burns is the creative juggernaut behind Holyoke Transfer 2.


Discarded remotes found in and around the drained Holyoke canals last year.

I love Holyoke. If it was in Italy, it could be Venice. It is one of just a few US canal cities. With some scrubbing and several million dollars, it could be the paradise of the Connecticut River Valley.

Holyoke Canals

Holyoke’s canals get drained once or twice a year. I try to schedule a class field trip to coincide with the process.

You can get a copy of Holyoke Transfer Magazine HERE.

Now, I want to talk about eggspresso.

Now, I want to talk about eggspresso.

Yes, my home rebuilt espresso machine is doing dual duty as an egg maker.

Poached eggs

Thanks to The Daily Coffee News, I’ve discovered two great methods for cooking eggs with a steam wand.

First, is the 3 minute poached egg. I set up a mug with a small stainless bowl for the egg. Add a little oil so the egg doesn’t stick in the bowl.

When everything is aligned, I cover the mug and steam wand tip with tinfoil plus several towels to keep the steam in.

When everything is aligned, I cover the mug and steam wand tip with tinfoil plus several towels over the tinfoil to keep the steam in.

Three minutes is a lot of steam and a consumer espresso machine may not be able to produce that much heat. Make sure you blow out the extra water from the wand before you start steaming or scrambling your eggs.

Poached egg

Voila! Poached egg in a bowl in a mug.

Flip the little fellow over into a small plate and add salt, pepper and olive oil (or butter). Enjoy.


Now, we’ll get fancy. Scrambled eggs, parmesan cheese and prosciutto on toast.

Scrambled eggs are easy. All you need is a porcelain pitcher to mix 2 or 3 eggs with a spoonful of oil and some salt.

Steam the eggs

Whip the ingredients with a fork , purge the water out of your steam wand, insert it into the eggs and turn it on. 30 seconds (or less) later you have the lightest, fluffiest scrambled eggs you can imagine.

I like quality olive oil drizzled on my toast and on my eggs. You may prefer butter.

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