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A story that haunts me.

March 11, 2023

I’ve never shown these pictures from 2009. I found these women styling hair and sewing above the Khujand Market in Tajikistan.

Each group was working in a small room.

I photographed as I walked the long corridor.

In the middle of this corridor is a lounge with two men sitting. This is where the staircase descends into the multi-leveled bazaar.

As I turned to go downstairs, one man called out, “If you see a girl you like, tell us which one and come back tonight.” I did not know if that was a joke or not. I just kept going down the stairs.

Social Documentary Network

Here is a chance to make pictures and get constructive feedback on your photography.

SDN is offering two exciting in-person programs in New York City. Check it out Here.

Donna Ferrato’s Risky Pictures just started on March 9 (sorry to be late on this). It is happening on 7 more Thursdays. This is a very active workshop.

Natalie Keyssar’s Strengthening Your Photographic Voice is an active, in-person weekend 2 day workshop in New York City beginning Saturday March 25 thru Sunday March 26. Visit SDN for more info.

SDN Reviews Saturday April 1st 2023

SDN has brought together photography experts from top picture editors to award winning photographers. Tbey will provide 25 minute feedback sessions online. There is a small fee and a couple of larger financial awards to the top 2 participants in the day long, one to one sessions and the follow-up discussion. Click the link above to find out more.

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