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Transfigured Landscapes and the Long Ride Through Them

February 5, 2009

The blog world is larger than the largest newsstand. It is more likely just about the size of a huge library. Fortunately, or not, most bloggers simply rehash other blogs. By the time you’ve followed a few links you’ve come full circle. I’ve been whiling away the hours at AMERICANSUBURB X which is loaded with contemporary pictures and commentary. Here’s a few of the hundred or so pictures that caught my attention.

mike-brodieThe contemporary American hobo possibly represents our last cowboys and beatniks combined into one helluva hard life. Today’s AMERICANSUBURB X has a strong rail riding portfolio by Mike Brodie.

Railroad riding brings to mind the great transfigured vista that is the global landscape. AMERICANSUBURB X also links to Maximilian Haidacher, a talented German college student who graduates this spring. Haidacher has a terrific eye that brings to mind transfigured landscapes in the tradition of the underrated pioneer of the genre Robert Aller.



Maximilian Haidacher

Below is a Robert Aller picture from the 1980’s.

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