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The Big Mash-Up

March 16, 2009

Last night I joined Twitter. It seems similar to Facebook, only with less stuff going on. People I respect are having a positive experience with it. I don’t get it. I did find Tarky7, who says that the next mash-up star has arrived, Kutiman. Visit him to see a pile of brilliant sounding and fun to look at videos.


I’m a member of the Facebook, Flickr, Twitter troika which seems to be mashing together to take control of our “social networking.” Getty Images is now accessing millions of Flickr files to sell through their stock agency. They have uploaded about 8000 images if you want to see the kind of Flickr work they are after. I’d post one, but Getty might charge me for it. Here’s one of my Flickr pictures done with my photo class when we mashed-up silhouettes with a Ralph Gibson slide.shadowofdoubt1

Shadow of a Doubt– Homage to Hitchcock

AIPAD is March 26-29 in NYC. They’ll have over 70 international photography galleries represented. I’m going to miss it so I started looking around for other photography events and festivals. There are many. Spain is throwing a hook into the sea of photo lovers to see who they can attract to the first MadridFoto in May. They have several artist represented on their site. One photographer seems to be recreating Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills in color with a Cindy Sherman look alike and a focus shift.


MadridFoto is also featuring work by Jose Manuel Ballester.

Jose Manuel Ballester, 2006

Jose Manuel Ballester, 2006

Jose Manuel Ballester, 2005

Jose Manuel Ballester, 2005

Ballester has a great eye for architecture. He also sculpts and paints. Some of his work borders on highly structured mash-ups of space and color. When a photographer depicts the work of an architect, is he appropriating it? Check out his site.

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