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The Economy Stupid

March 17, 2009

First, the good news. Bruce Davidson’s picture from his 1959 series Brooklyn Gang is slated to be on the cover of Bob Dylan’s soon to be released CD.

Photo by Bruce Davidson

Photo by Bruce Davidson

I don’t buy CDs, but I am looking forward to seeing this picture come up in my iTunes.

In the good photographer/bad news realm, Greenfield photographer Justin Sullivan was on NPR yesterday with work about the Tent City erected by the homeless in Sacramento California. If you go to the NPR website, you can find a slide show of Justin’s Getty Images. Thanks to Glenn Ruga over at Social Documentary for the link.


More bad news from the corporate world–Ritz Camera, the nations largest camera retailer, has filed for bankruptcy. An appropriate picture for this story is:brian-ulrich

Yes, there is a Brian Ulrich slide show of failed merchants over at Thanks to Northampton photo luminary Joerg Colberg at Conscientious for the link.

The Valley’s premier recycle artist and blogger, Mo Ringey over at benigngirl, has a theory about the economy. Not being an economist, it took me a couple of readings to get what she was deducing. If you believe in chain emails, you’ve got to believe it can happen. Below is a picture from her blog. I don’t know where it originated, but I like it.michelangos-davidI figure a representation of over-consumption is a good way to end a blog about America falling over the edge.

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