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The Unwavering Witness

March 19, 2009

Abraham Ravett has been making films and photographs for decades. I usually see, and appreciate, a sampling of his work here and there. Last month, he revised his website and uploaded an enticing overview of a career in art. I’m not saying it’s time to welcome another horn-tooter photographer. Abraham considers himself a filmmaker first, his site is tucked away at Hampshire College where he teaches. His web bio is impressive, but only takes a fraction of a webpage. I just want you to look at a “no bells or whistles approach” to what clear seeing looks like. In Brighton Beach, he balances the power of the populace with the geometry of the landscape.

from Brighton Beach by Abraham Ravette

from Brighton Beach by Abraham Ravett

Of course, using an 8X10 view camera is a real boon to seeing clearly. For Abraham, though, it’s not about the details. He continually places himself as the eloquent watcher, unobtrusively reveling in whatever presents itself. He freely mixes the informative with the abstract. His Polaroid Quartets take on a sad significance with Polaroid’s demise.

from Polaroid Quartets by Abraham Ravette

from Polaroid Quartets by Abraham Ravett

Check out his films, too. There are only a few clips on-line, so visit his blog for screenings.

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