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Still Coruscating

August 4, 2009


Yes, I’m here and ready to blog. First, I apologize for the long hiatus. I have a three week excuse because my internet satellite dish was down, but that still leaves two weeks in which I also had nothing to post. I’ll call that summer vacation. It is almost time to bring the “all about Frank” cycle to an end and bring the “photo teacher” phase of the blog back into action. I do have a month before I’m back to teaching so I will indulge the “all about me” energy for a few more posts.

Since Vivian and I returned from Central Asia 5 weeks ago, I have been editing my new pictures between cutting and hauling wood. My progress has been slow on both fronts. I still have several logs to drag out of the woods and I still need to discern the themes of all the pictures I’ve made. Understanding the why and whatever of my own work is a challenge. Many documentary photographers begin with a thesis and work to illustrate their project. Whether or not they succeed is irrelevant to having a good project description. Photojournalists investigate issues or take on assignments. They mostly rely on others to figure out the written text. I don’t readily fit into either mold. Sometimes I do photojournalistic types of assignments, but mostly I just see pictures. When I have a camera with me, I make them. I used to draw parameters and attempt to work within my self-created constraints. Those boxes and bags that I would creatively try to fight my way out of have consistently expanded to the size of countries and continents. My approach to photographing the world is one of openness with fewer limits or labels. When I’m “relaxed and paying attention” good things happen.

Oh, oh, I’m blogging toward the category of “photo teacher.” That’s for next month. For now, I’ll shut-up and post-up some pictures. These photos are from Dushambe, Tajikistan.

The square where Lenin used to stand.

The square where Lenin used to stand.

I have a pile of pictures from the Tajikistan Pamirs that I’ll upload to my Asia Central blog. Enjoy.

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  1. August 7, 2009 6:42 pm


    I am very anxious to see an exhibition of your newest photographs from your travels. I know Tim is also anticipating seeing something new.

    All the best,

    Jeff Byrnes

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