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Relaxed and Paying Attention

August 25, 2009

I thought I was going to keep this blog updated with my progress on editing and understanding the work I recently made in central Asia. I will post some related remarks over at Asia Central after I get finished here. My issue is that the rest of the World is spinning with such coruscation that I’m caught simply looking. Now, there are worse things to get caught looking at than blogs and Facebook. For instance, Twitter seems like a real squander of our precious time. So, here are a few links and excerpts from my various emails from the past couple of days.

I’ll start with a quote that Jack Kelleher sent me in an email this morning:

Renowned guitarist Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, when asked what he did with all the money he earned throughout his incredible career, replied: “I spent 80 per cent of it on booze, women and drugs.” When asked what he did with the other 20 per cent, he responded: “I wasted it.”

Scarface by Chris Lizon

Scarface by Christopher Lizon

Chris Lizon sent me this Scarface car hood. It’s one of about 500 great pictures he has taken this summer.

Another friend, John Sevigny, sent me this provocative link to the article he wrote about Caravaggio’s Taking of Christ.


John also has a blog, Gone City, that he uses as a platform to rant and rave. He trashes Annie Liebovitz and George Wallace in recent posts. Here’s a still life photograph by John.


My wife, Vivian Leskes, sent me this link from the New York Times about some famous faked photographs.


Check out the NYT”s excellent Fake slide show.

Steve Bisson, a guy I didn’t know, sent me an email this morning with links to his Urbanautica website and his Facebook page. He’s got a great eye and he’s a damn good designer. Both these links are loaded with strong portfolios, like Dubailand by Aleix Plademunt.

Dubailand by Aleix Plademunt

Dubailand by Aleix Plademunt

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