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Chuck Stern, David Prifti and Zed Nelson’s “Love Me”

February 1, 2010

Volcano, Chuck Stern

Chuck Stern’s mid-career retrospective is at the Taber Gallery this month. Selections 1985-2010 begins today.  An artist’s talk and reception will happen on Wednesday, Feb. 10th from 11:00-1:00. No, it’s not a midnight party. Our idea of a club scene in Western Massachusetts is the Mickey Mouse Club. Chuck’s talk will be at noon. We’re not just talking pictures here. Chuck is a sculptor, writer, chef (he didn’t prepare the snacks), painter and photographer. I won’t mention his career as a furniture designer.  He will talk about the art of being a successful artist. I’ve got to hear that. The legendary Banner Queen Amy Johnquest is the exhibition designer and she will probably introduce him at his talk.

You must see David Prifti's photos in person. Wonderful objects.

The Valley Photo Center show with David Prifti, Robert Aller and Frank Ward will begin on Feb. 16th with an opening on Sunday, Feb. 21st from 1:00-4:00. I’ll remind you again when I get a photo to post from Bob or when he gets his new website up.

Posting David’s man and dog photo brought this Zed Nelson’s image from Love Me to mind.

Ox and Angela, Plastic Surgeon and Wife, Rio, Brazil, by Zed Nelson

Zed Nelson‘s new book, Love Me, “explores the insidious power of the global beauty industry and a collective insecurity, vanity and fear of ageing. In a series of compelling images Love Me negotiates the boundaries of art and documentary, reflecting a world we have created in which there are enormous social, psychological and economic rewards and penalties attached to the way we look.” That’s a quote from the email HOST gallery/FOTO8 in London sent me. I just wanted to mention that former HCC student Aaron Schuman will be in conversation with Zed live at HOST gallery on Wednesday, Feb. 10.  So if your excuse for not coming to Chuck Stern’s show is because you are in England, go to Aaron and Zed’s public conversation.

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