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Robert Aller, David Prifti, Frank Ward

February 7, 2010

Stone Pile Marker, Tilting, 2009, by Robert Aller

Bob Aller, David Prifti and I dropped off our pictures at the Valley Photo Center yesterday for our show that begins on February 16.

Bob Aller’s 2009 series “Strange Twilight” is drawn from Newfoundland skyscapes, seascapes, landscapes and escapes. His pictures stimulate a profound peace in the viewer. I mention “escapes” but they are more of a bringing back home. These photographs are a celebration of what “is”. Their natural beauty bring to mind the value of clear consciousness in every moment. His work has drawn the attention of the Elizabeth Moss Galleries in Portland, Maine who have offered to represent Bob and give him a show this coming fall.

Tintype by David Prifti

David’s 8X10 view camera tintypes, based on 19th century processes, are ethereal and otherworldly even as they depict contemporary moments. To look at his achievement (he’s also been teaching his high school students to do the process) is to see the results of photo alchemy. With his unassuming manner and this body of amazing pictures, I imagine David may be a descendant of Merlin the sorcerer.

View from Vivian's Apartment, Siberia, 2008, by Frank Ward

I wonder where my pictures fit into this exhibition? First, we have Aller’s transcendentalist contemplation on being in a world dominated by nature.

Next, there is Prifti’s absolute wizardry in imagining contemporary adolescence as an invocation of Julia Margaret Cameron’s 19th century world.

Finally, there is “Asia Central”, my pictures from the Former Soviet Union. Between the transcendentalist and the wizard, I am the ditch digger who tosses one shovelful at a time.

You are invited to our Valley Photo Center reception on Sunday, February 21st from 1-4 on the 2nd floor in Tower Square, 1500 Main Street, downtown Springfield, Massachusetts.

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  1. February 8, 2010 4:38 pm

    Recording the markers of ever-fleeting culture is a valuable enterprise.

  2. February 8, 2010 4:43 pm

    Thank you, Lyn.

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