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Uzbek Retrospect

June 20, 2010

Two Students, Urgench

Here are a few images that caught my attention as I look back through the pictures I made while exploring universities in Uzbekistan.

Information Technology, Urgench

While Vivian was giving her seminars, I would simply wander, poking my head into classrooms and meandering across campuses. The above picture was from the computer room leading into the space where Vivian was giving 8 hours of English language training.

University Corridor, Tashkent

I would often hang out in the hallways simply observing the pace of education.

Young faculty member in the entryway, Urgench

Specimens in a classroom, Urgench

Specimen containers, Urgench

Vivian was teaching in an English classroom in Tashkent with this student-created poster displayed behind her. I thought it was useful advise for anyone on a first date. I hope you can read it.

What to wear on a first date

There was also an interesting discussion of the pros and cons of junk food on the poster beside it.

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